run on sentences

What are Run-on sentences? Do you know what Run-on Sentences are?  A run-on is two complete thoughts that are together with no adequate sign given to make the break between them. Fused sentence: Some run-ons don’t have punctuation at all to break between two sentences/ thoughts. Such run-ons are knownContinue Reading


Subjects and verbs are very important in English. The basic buildings block of English sentences are subject and verb but many people are unable to identify them easily. Understanding them is the important first step to writing an essay. Every sentence has one subject and at least one verb. WhoContinue Reading

how to write an argumentative essay

Many people feel very difficult to write an argumentative essay. The reason is that many people don’t know how to write a good essay. Today we are going to discuss some techniques after which you will be able to write to argumentative essay. There are some techniques that you shouldContinue Reading