How to find subject and verb in a sentence

Subjects and verbs are very important in English. The basic buildings block of English sentences are subject and verb but many people are unable to identify them easily. Understanding them is the important first step to writing an essay.

Every sentence has one subject and at least one verb. Who or what the sentence speaks about is called subject; what the sentence says about is called verb

For example
  • The boy cried.

In this sentence, boy is the subject while the cried is the verb

How to find a subject?

The simple way to find the subject is to ask yourself that who or what sentence is about. Let take the above example

After reading the sentence you have to ask yourself, ‘who cried?’ The answer will be ‘boy’

In this way, you can find out the subject easily

How to find the verb easily?

In order to find the subject, you have to perform a similar task as you did in the subject case. To find you need to say to yourself that what the sentence says about the subject the answer will be the verb of the sentence. I take the above example here. What did that sentence say about the subject ‘boy? The answer is he cried, So the verb will be he cried

More about subjects and verbs:

There is some kind of information that you need to know about the subject and verb, given below

  • Multiple subjects and verbs:

There could be multiple subjects and verbs in a single sentence.

For example

Joyce, Brenda and Robert met after the class and headed downtown.

In this example Joyce, Brenda and Robert are the subjects and the word met and headed are the verbs

  • Prepositional phrase:

Do you know what the prepositional phrase is? A prepositional phrase is simply a group of words that begins with the preposition. The important thing about subjects is that they never appear within the prepositional phrase.

  • The use of ‘to’ word:

A verb that precedes by the word to is not a verb

For example:

At night, my son likes to read under the covers.

Here the like is the verb of a sentence but the read is not the verb of the sentence.

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