How to stay anonymous in hacking? Some hacking basics learn now!


This article is only for educational purposes please do not misuse it!

What is hacking?:

Hacking is the method in which some person broke into someone’s system. It is considered illegal because some people used to abuse it. You can learn it for educational purposes also.

Types of hackers:

there are mainly three types of hackers:

White hat hacker:

Those hackers which do the work of some government organizations are known as white hackers.

Grey hat hackers:

Those hackers who lie between the boundaries of white hat hacker and black hat hacker

Black hat hackers:

Those hackers who abuse this knowledge and do illegal activities.

Installation of Linux OS:

In order to hack someone you just need to install the Linux operating system. First of all, create the virtual box on your computer for this purpose download the virtual box. After downloading please download the kali Linux by clicking here.After downloading install virtual box in your PC and then open the kali Linux and create the virtual machine.


Some time errors pop up that you have not enabled virtualization of the machine so for this purpose you have to reboot the PC and go into the BIOS setting go into system configuration and enable virtualization.

Basic commands:

In the Linux you have to use a terminal in order to perform actions so you have to learn the basic commands some major commands are

ls   it is used to show the list of directories

cd  (this command is used to enter into some directory)

mkdir (this command is used to make a directory)

rm (it is used to remove the directory)

mv (it is used to move directory)

cp (it is used to copy the directory)

cat (it is used to show the content in the file)

sudo su (enter into root)

installation of VPN:

To stay anonymous you need to install multiple VPNs. VPN makes shows your fake or disguised IP address so to install VPN you have enter into the root by using the command sudo su then use the following command

sudo apt  (VPN name)

VPN names:

  • network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  • network-manager-pptp
  • network-manager-pptp-gnome
  • network-manager-strongswan
  • network-manager-vpnc
  • network-manager-vpnc-gnome

in this way, you can use VPN. Multiple VPNs are only used because if one VPN is dropped the new VPN will automatically change so it’s better to use multiple VPNs

 Mac address:

mac address changing

Mac address is an address just like IP address as we know in order to become anonymous you need to hide to your IP address but most of the peoples don’t know that they can be traced through their mac address also. So you have to change your mac address also for this purpose type the command macchanger -s eth0 from this you can see your mac address so in order to change the mac address you have to type macchanger -r eth0 then your mac address will be changed so before attack you should activate your VPN and must change your mac address.

So in these way you can stay anonymous in order to read more articles please visit our site 






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