how to write an argumentative essay

how to write an argumentative essay

Many people feel very difficult to write an argumentative essay. The reason is that many people don’t know how to write a good essay. Today we are going to discuss some techniques after which you will be able to write to argumentative essay. There are some techniques that you should have to learn before writing an essay


The first step you have to follow before writing an essay is freewriting. Freewriting means that you have to put down your all ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper. You should not worry about the punctuation or the sentence structures of your freewriting. Your main goal is to write all the ideas and thoughts, related to your essay topic, on the paper. This is the only way to break mental blocks about writing. You have to write every idea that pops up in your mind. If you get stuck on ideas repeat yourself until more words come into your mind. Since you do not have to worry about the mistakes, you can only concentrate on discovering ideas. These initial ideas often become more clear when put down on paper. Freewriting will develop the habit of thinking as you write.


After freewriting, you have to do questioning with yourself regarding top your ideas these are mostly Why? When? Who? and How? Ask many questions as you can think

For example

Let suppose we have written this free writing

“I don’t like to go to watch a movie though I love films. Traffic in cinemas parking is awful there is a lot of traffic which annoys me.”

Then we have to do questioning with ourselves

Questions Answers
Why I don’t like to a movie? Too many problems are involved
When is going to the movies a problem? Could be any time especially when the movie is popular.
Who creates the problems? Unwanted traffic make problems and there is no parking space.
How can I deal with the problem? By watching movies at home


Making a list:

Making a list is also known as brainstorming. You have to compile all your ideas and thoughts regarding your subject and make a list of them. Pile them one after another in a sequence. Your goal is to make a list of everything that is related to your topic or subject. Let us take the example as listed above, if we make the list about that free writing then the list will be

  • Traffic is bad between my hose and cinemas 
  • A lot of noise
  • Not enough parking
  • A lot of crowds


The fourth step is clustering. Many don’t know about this. Clustering is a strategy used to generate martial for essays. It is also known as diagramming or mapping. In clustering, we used to connect our ideas with the help of lines, boxes and arrows.

How to do clustering?

For clustering, you need to put the subject in the center of the paper. Think of all ideas that are related to your subject then join your ideas with the help of lines or arrows. For example

How to write argumentative essay

By applying underscored simple points and techniques everyone can easily write an argumentative and persuasive essay .

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