Latest Physics Mcqs Online for test preparation

Latest MCQs are available for class 9th and for the preparation of university test preparation

1)Wave transfer their

  • Energy
  • Frequency
  • Wave length
  • Velocity


2)Which Device is able to produce both longitudinal and transverse waves.

  • A string
  • A ripple tank
  • A helical spring
  • A tuning fork

Answer: A string

3)The longitudinal waves are;

  • Sound waves
  • Light waves
  • Radio waves
  • Water waves

Answer: Sound wave

4)The sound travel from its source to our ear by

  • Changes in air pressure
  • Vibration in string
  • By electromagnetic waves
  • Infrared waves

Answer: Vibration in string

5)Which form of energy sound is:

  • Chemicals
  • Mechanical
  • Electricals
  • Thermal

Answer: Mechanical

6)Astronauts communicate with each other in space by Radio links because

  • Sound waves travels very slowly in space
  • Sound waves travel very  fast in space
  • Sound waves can’t travel in space
  • Sound waves has very low frequency in space

Answer: Sound waves can’t travel in space

7)During Reflection of light which of the following quantity doesn’t change

  • Direction
  • Wavelength
  • Speed
  • Frequency

Answer: speed

8)The index of refraction depends upon

  • Focal length
  • Speed of light
  • Image distance
  • Object distance

Answer: speed of light

9)By a convex lens which type of image is formed on a screen

  • Up right and virtual
  • Upright and real
  • real and Inverted
  • Virtual and Inverted

Answer: Virtual and inverted

10)By a camera image formed is

  • Real, inverted and diminish
  • Real, inverted and magnified
  • Virtual , upright and magnified
  • Virtual upright and diminish

Answer: Virtual upright and diminish

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